Holger Weiß Application 2020

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  • Contact email: holger@zedat.fu-berlin.de
  • Contact JID: holger@jabber.fu-berlin.de
  • Relevant affiliations: Freie Universität Berlin (ZEDAT)
  • Legal name: Jeremy Holger Weiß

About Me

I'm a Linux server administrator and Erlang/OTP developer living in Berlin. I work full-time for Freie Universität Berlin. Next to that, I do part-time freelancing, where I usually implement custom ejabberd extensions and offer other XMPP-related services to various customers. Apart from that, I operate the conversations.im service together with Daniel Gultsch.

XMPP Implementations

I've been working on ejabberd since 2014. I added support for various extensions, such as Stream Management, HTTP File Upload, Push Notifications, Client State Indications, STUN/TURN Service Discovery, and JID Preparation/Validation. I contributed to most other parts of ejabberd (and its dependencies) as well. Recently, I've been working on ejabberd's built-in TURN support (and a standalone version of it).

I've also contributed to various other XMPP implementations.

XMPP Specifications

I gave input to some protocol extensions during various XMPP Summits and online discussions, but didn't actually author XEPs myself so far. I'm planning to get more involved with standardization, which is my reason to apply for XSF membership. My main aim would be making our specs more approachable to client (library) developers.