Heiner Wolf Application 2009

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I am Heiner Wolf. I am applying for XSF membership. I have been JSF member before.


  • JID: wolfspelz@jabber.bluehands.de
  • Email: wolf.heiner@gmail.com


I have been writing code for many years. I write mostly C++/PHP and I will continue to do so. I was engaged in virtual presence projects of the European Union during my PhD. I am CTO of weblin, a virtual presence system based on Jabber. I speak and write about the topic "virtual presence with Jabber".


  • I am the lead developer of weblin, a virtual presence client which uses XMPP as transport protocol.
  • I developed the web portal where people configure their weblin avatar.
  • I am currently developing a new virtual presence client with XMPP transport.
  • I am the software architect of the Phoenix project, which will create a virtual world based on XMPP in Summer 2009.


While I am trying to be the chief scientist, I am still the CTO of weblin. This means I plan and develop new features for weblin with our Agile Development teams. We are using a cluster of ejabberds. Weblin has 2 Mio. registered and 25,000 peak concurrent clients. I program new features occasionally, but most time I spend as trouble shooter, architecture and framework developer.

XMPP Protocol

I was authoring JEP-0151 and a set-redirect proposal. I contributed to avatar discussions.

Web sites

Why I'm applying

I work on virtual presence. Jabber/XMPP is the best infrastructure for it. I am sure that we will see millions of people on the web with their avatars and this might give a giant push to XMPP (not that it would need it :-). As a company we rely heavily on Jabber, client libraries, servers, documentation, and know-how. We are using off the shelf open source XMPP servers. In other words: Jabber is very important to my company and I am trying to give something back to the community by paying for XMPP support.