Hal Rottenberg Application 2007

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Who am I?

My name is Hal Rottenberg. I live near Atlanta, GA, USA in a suburb called Woodstock. Got a wife, two little boys, two dogs, one cat, two fish, one frog, and a partridge in a pear tree.

What do I do?

My day job today is with Hewlett-Packard as a senior systems administrator. My job effective Jan 15th will be with IBM and I'm not sure exactly what my title will end up being yet.  :) I've got over 10 years experience in the IT field doing mostly Windows tech support and server administration.

Yeah but what about Jabber, I mean XMPP?

I'm that guy who likes to annoy people with brilliant but impractical ideas and observations on the Standards-JIG and JDEV mailing lists. I'm also known as the webmaster for the Psi project and have been active in that community for quite some time now. I've been in the XSF for a year or three and my contributions are usually just moving conversations along and trying to insert an enterprise-level IT point-of-view into the future aims of our organization.

Why am I reapplying?

The chicks like the ", XSF" at the end of my name. In addition (as if there is anything else more important), I think its important that developers are not the only ones hanging out around here. You guys are great, but generally speaking devs don't always have the end user or the enterprise administrator primarily in mind. So sometimes we end up with excellently architected products which are a pain in the rear to actually use or deploy. It's my goal to remind you of that.  :)