Hal Rottenberg Application 2006

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I am a 31-year-old American living in the Southeast part of the country. Georgia, to be exact. I've been working in IT for at least ten years now. I've been working at Hewlett-Packard for over half of that. While at HP, I've done end-user support, system administration, R&D support, testing, technical documentation, firewall administration, stuff like that. I'm a Windows guy, that's what pays the bills, but I am fairly proficient in Linux from a sysadmin point of view.

I have a blog on my website in which I frequently post articles related to technology and Jabber in particular.

A few years ago--jeez it's more like five or six now, I ran across Jabber while looking for a replacement for the then very immature intranet IM market. I'm a software junkie and I tried all of the clients out at the time.

I eventually found Psi and then joined the growing community. After a couple of webmasters came and went, I assumed the position.

Active Projects

  • Psi - Webmaster, Tester, General Annoyance to Developers
  • Jabbermaps.com - I host the server this site is on
  • Flyspray - Bug Tracking System with built-in Jabber notification, I help test this project


  • I frequently participate in "newbie" conversations on JUSER, JDEV, Psi Forums, and other venues.
  • I encourage the user of Jabber in my workplace and among my friends.
  • I have a sort-of-regular column on my blog called "Jabber Ideas" where I will expand on something I've had my eye on that could really use some Jabber put in it. I can't program to save my life, but maybe an idea of mine could be the inspiration for someone else to create.

Why I'm Re-applying

  • Chicks dig it.
  • I feel that the JSF doesn't do enough as a formal body, so I'd like to stick around some more and try to change that.