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About me

Hi, my name is still Grégoire Menuel, and I'm 23 years old, I'm currently Working in Lyon for Atos Origin, a french computer company as a Linux system administrator. And by the way my company uses XMPP for the internal instant messaging.

Jabber related projects

Jabber servers administration

I'm currently the main administrator of the biggest frecnch Jabber server, Jabber@Apinc, which host among others the domains im.apinc.org and jabber.fr. This server has around 1,400 concurrent online users.


I've mainly done some small projects in the Jabber world.

  • Mu-conference : After having done some patches for mu-conference, I've taken

over the development of this component. At the moment I'm only doing bugfixes, I don't have much time to add new features (but patches are always welcome !)

  • Omnipresence is a jabber component allowing to easily display one's presence

on the web. It is currently used at http://presence.jabberfr.org. It supports showing some PEP informations (Mood, Tune and Activity) in addition to showing the avatar and the status of the user.

  • I've done some Jabber integration in some web soft. I've modified the Jabber

bot Neutron in order to send notifications when someone post a message on the forum and the wiki of JabberFR. I've also integrated omnipresence in this to applications, this way we can easily see if a user is connected on Jabber or not.

  • I've alse developed a "Random Chat", it is a component which can start

chat between two persons at random. The project is used at http://randomchat.jabberfr.org


I'm also one of the administrator of JabberFR, the french Jabber community. I give lots of Jabber related advices both on the forum and in the chatroom (jabberfr@chat.jabberfr.org). With the help of others, we have been having a JabberFR booth for the third year at the JDLL, one of the major free software event in France. This year again a lot of visitors have stopped by to ask information about XMPP.

Why I'm reapplying

I've not be really active in the XMPP community lately, but I still want to help promote this awesome protocol, espacialy in France and in french speaking country.


  • xmpp:omega AT im DOT apinc DOT org
  • mailto:gregoire DOT menuel AT gmail DOT com
  • My blog, mostly Jabber articles, and mostly in french (and not really up-to-date) :