Gaston Dombiak Application 2007

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I've been involved with the XMPP world since September 2003. Initially working in the Smack client library and then in Wildfire server. Being a very detailed and perfectionist person I ended up reviewing JEPs in great detail. Each time something was not consistent or complete I provided feedback to the list as shown in JEP-60 (e.g. one of the many pubsub feedbacks). :) I also put a lot of interest in QA and as a result of that I implemented a large number of automated test cases. These test cases were used in the Interop Event to test compatibility of servers. BTW, I'm a JSF member since Q4 / 2005.

JEP Involvements

My relation with JEPs can be divided in two: 1) Provided in depth feedback about a big number of JEPs while implementing them both in the server and client side (e.g. JEP-60 v1.8) and 2) I'm now working on a proto-JEP that can be considered as an evolution of JEP-114 and another proto-JEP for Connection Managers.

Software Involvements

Since September 2003 I started to work on the Smack client library. Once the library was mature enough I started to work on Wildfire server as the main engineer. Since then Wildfire has evolved to become one of the most known open source servers. Moreover, one of my personal goals was to turn Wildfire into an XMPP 1.0 compliant server and I'm glad to say that we made it. In my "backpack" I have a very large number of JEPs that were implemented in both in Wildfire and Smack. And I know that the earned experience while implementing all those JEPs plus the detailed knowledge of many JEPs is key when providing practical solutions to hard problems.

Why I'm Applying

I would like to contribute and help define the shape that XMPP will have in the future. I'm highly intertested in collaboration where I see XMPP plays a big role (e.g. spaces+communication channels, shared spaces, etc.), scalability (e.g. Connection Managers, distributed load for instance in MUC, etc.) and taking PEP to the next level.


If you have questions or comments, ping me via email (gaston at jivesoftware dot com) or XMPP at (gato at jivesoftware dot com)