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=== Example Project Template ===
=== Example Project Template ===

''URL:'' https://example.org/<br/>
''Website:'' https://example.org/<br/>

''Source Code:'' https://example.org/source<br/>
''Source Code:'' https://example.org/source<br/>

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XMPP / XSF GSoC 2019 Project Ideas


List of Project Ideas

Example Project Template

Website: https://example.org/

Source Code: https://example.org/source

Description:: This is just an example project which can be used as template.

Main Contact Person: John Doe <john.doe@example.org>

Potential Mentors: Jane Doe <jane.doe@example.org>, Alice Enigma <alice@example.org>

List of Teaser Tasks: https://example.org/issues?tag=teaser

Example Project Template Idea A

Brief explanation: Add support for A to example project.

Involved Technologies: Smalltalk, FORTRAN77, COBOL

Mentor(s): Foo Bar <foo.bar@exampole.org>


  • Foo
  • Bar
  • Baz


  1. Implement parser and unit tests for parsing
  2. Implement protocol logic
  3. Interoperability tests against a different implementation

Example Project Template Idea B