Florian Zeitz Application 2010

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XMPP Related Activities

  • Running an XMPP-Server for myself and some friends (admittedly small deployment)
  • Written some code for Gajim. Mostly PEP related, including support for User Nickname and User Location (receiving part)
  • Working on Ad-Hoc Command support for Prosody
  • Some (mostly unfinished) work on web applications
    • xmppchat A basic BOSH based web MUC interface
    • socialXMPP My test bed for implementing a web-interface to a XMPP based social network
  • Annoying people by pointing out XMPP related bugs in their code (lately mostly people not answering to IQs)
  • At least trying to answer questions and be helpful in jdev@conference.jabber.org

Why I am applying

I have long been a fan of open distributed systems. I think it is very important that everybody can use a service they can rely on and trust. I personally think the best way to ensure that is using your own server or one administered by a friend. XMPP fits this bill very well for IM and that is the original reason I got involved with the XMPP community. I have since found it very exciting to see technology grow and working with the XSF exchanging views on how protocol extensions should work on e.g. the standards@ ML.

Right now my long term pet project is trying to add extensions to the XMPP stack that allow us to build a complete social network (similar to what facebook, myspace, etc. already are) on XMPP. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to heavily pursue this right now (Working on Prosody's Ad-Hoc support has proven as a more chunkable occupation for now ;) ).

I would however be more than happy to work with the technical review team on improving existing and upcoming technology in this and other fields.