Fannys Bampaloukas Application 2022

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  • Name: Fannys Bampaloukas
  • Mail address: email [at] fannys [dot] me
  • JID: [1]
  • Sourcehut: msavoritias

I am working as developer/infra person.

About Me

I found out about XMPP last year and I am using it full time for all of my communications. I am mostly involved in outreach and community management area,focusing on moderation and helping communities to become inclusive. Lately I have started to get more active directly with XSF by contributing to the newsletter every month.


Working at UAB Revel Systems as a Cloud Systems Engineer.

My XMPP projects and activities

I am involved in the newsletter writing the xep section for the past couple of months and contributed in spellchecking for it. I am doing local outreach for XMPP including talks.

I have also have been involved either creating or moderating a lot of rooms in xmpp, contributing to a healthy community.


I believe in privacy and decentralization. I have been active in implementing and proposing private alteratives to organizations and communities before. I have also made talks in groups I was in regarding decentralization and privacy.

My aim is a stronger XSF driven by its members, my focus is more on the community side of things which I feel needs more love.