Fabio Forno Application 2008

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I am Fabio Forno and I'm applying for XSF for the first time.

Contact Information


I'm 36 and I'm an Italian entrepreneur and researcher living in Torino, where in the past years I've received my PhD at Politecnico di Torino and worked at ISMB, a privately founded research institute. During my PhD I was interested in context aware applications, and I have studied XMPP, presence technologies and PubSub for offering value added services to mobile and nomadic users. At ISMB my research topic was RFID Middleware and I've also used XMPP for connecting readers and applications, or for sending event notifications. Last year I've founded Bluendo, a company whose main focus is mobile XMPP and the use of XMPP as integration framework for event based systems (e.g. sensor networks, remote control and monitoring, alarms, part of the enterprise service buses)


  • In the past years I wrote tons of Jabber bots and services, mainly for fun and internal activities, using Python and Twisted Matrix or Java (an example is pico, a bot for remembering things)
  • I wrote the first Jabber stack for Twisted Matrix (Twibber), now completely superseded by the excellent Ralph's implementation
  • I'm the author of Lampiro, a J2ME XMPP Client
  • I wrote a BOSH connection manager, Araneo
  • Currently I'm the maintainer of proxy65
  • My blog is fully integrated with XMPP, using ad hoc commands for post and comment notifications and management

Current activities

As CTO of Bluendo I'm constantly working in several XMPP areas: development of our mobile client, web/xmpp integration, pubsub and M2M communications, design of new applications exploiting XMPP.

Protocol and Standardization

  • I have initiated and then coauthored with stpeter the SOAP over XMPP XEP
  • I constantly participate to XMPP mailing lists for discussing XEP proposals and any XMPP related issue
  • I am active at ETSI in the working group about the "Internet of Things" and M2M communication, where I'm supporting XMPP for realtime communication between smart objects

Vision about XMPP

I think that XMPP is much more than just instant messaging, it is the ideal protocol for almost any type of realtime communication in the Internet. Therefore the growth potential of XMPP is huge and, with the increasing demand of realtime "push" technology, sooner or later it may challenge HTTP as the dominant universal protocol. All we must do is just going on providing great servers, code libraries and open protocols, as the XMPP community is currently doing.

Why I'm applying

I want to become more formally involved in the XMPP community for better helping at the development of the protocol and promoting it. In particular I'm interested in bringing on open discussion, and helping in XEP authoring, about mobile optimizations and the use of XMPP in M2M communications. Finally, Jabber is simply fun!