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We're planning to demonstrate XMPP-based applications to developers at FOSDEM 2012. If you'd like to your application to be included, please list it below and provide contact info. Thanks!
See the [[FOSDEM 2012]] page.
* « [http://wiki.goffi.org/wiki/sat Salut à Toi] »: multi-frontends XMPP Client. [http://www.goffi.org/post/2011/06/05/Salut-%C3%A0-Toi%3A-a-multi-frontends-XMPP-client About], contact: Jérôme Poisson aka Goffi (email: [mailto:goffi@goffi.org goffi@goffi.org], jid: [xmpp:goffi@jabber.fr goffi@jabberfr.fr]). Note: I will be present at FOSDEM.

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See the FOSDEM 2012 page.