Emmanuel Gil Peyrot for Council 2018

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About me

Hello, I’m Emmanuel, probably known better as Link Mauve around here. You can contact me at linkmauve@linkmauve.fr on XMPP, on most of the MUCs of the XSF, or at linkmauve@linkmauve.fr by email. You can read more about who I am in my latest membership application.

I’ve been focusing on end-user usability recently, my work on Converse is driven by the need to provide a modern-looking web client for newcomers (especially on public services, and for communities I helped migrate to XMPP), as this will likely be their first impression of XMPP.

My goals at the Council

I enjoy reviewing specifications and sending small and comprehensive fixes, both when I’m implementing them and just for fun, both when they just got written and when they’ve been out for close to two decades. This comes in handy at the Council as this represents a fair amount of the work.

I already served Council in 2016-2017, and honestly I think I didn’t do a good job at it, mostly because I was constantly failing to allocate time for it outside of the weekly meeting. Good thing I now have a lot more available time than back then, which makes me way more confident than before that I won’t repeat my past mistakes. :)

And like most other candidates, I plan to:

  • Attend the meetings to the best of my capacity.
  • Read all of the the standard@ emails and reply when possible.
  • Review all (Proto)XEPs and provide insight to their author(s), including before they are submitted.
  • Help to accelerate the process for XEPs, to avoid letting them stay stuck forever in some state.