Emmanuel Gil Peyrot for Council 2017

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This is my Council re-application for 2017-2018.


Who am I?

For a detailed overview of my involvement in the XMPP community, have a look at my latest member application. You have probably seen me around whether in the XMPP-related rooms, on the mailing lists, or in the XSF repositories.

Why am I reapplying?

This past year as a Council member made me realise our roles as guardians of the technical direction the protocol is taking. That we are at the service of the myriad of people and organisations who depend on it and want to improve it, that we should listen to them and act in the best interest of the entire community, which include a strong focus on interoperability and a correct balance of interests.

I truly believe in XMPP’s strengths, in its benefits both as a federation and as a platform, and I see its potential for improvement on many fronts, for which I will continue to help to the best of my abilities.

If I get elected, I will obviously continue to read all of the mailing lists and contribute appropriately, continue to attend meetings in a regular manner, review the specifications properly and suggest improvements, as I’ve done in the past; I will continue giving as much help as I can to community projects in need, and I will continue giving them a voice so they can be heard amidst the interests of commercial projects (who shouldn’t be neglected either!).