Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Application 2017

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This is my membership re-application to the XSF membership for Q2 2017.


Who am I?

I’ve been an XMPP user since 2006, then quickly became service administrator, took part to the French XMPP community then the whole XMPP community, became client developer and library maintainer, XEP author, and council member. At $dayjob I am a graphics engineer, working on Wayland, DRM and related projects in the graphics stack of Linux. I’m also a game developer on my free time.

Why am I reapplying?

I am a firm supporter of federated systems, and want to help the XSF and the various entities who support it reach their goals. I plan on continuing my council work, on continuing to report and fix specification bugs whenever I encounter them, on continuing to develop XMPP further, both on the technical side by providing tools to work in Python and Rust, and on the social side by giving users a stepping point from which to start chatting right away, by helping whoever needs help around XMPP projects, and by generally raising awareness about XMPP.

My current projects

  • JabberFR, a French association promoting free instant messaging, and providing an XMPP service for about 900 daily users.
  • xmpp-parsers and xmpp-rs, a set of Rust libraries to write XMPP applications with.
  • poezio, a console client for people nostalgic of power IRC clients.
  • Prosody, implementing the missing features identified at JabberFR.