Dele Olajide Application 2020

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I have been earning a living with XMPP for over 16 years.

As a key member of the Ignite Realtime Community, I have contributed code over the years to various XMPP-based software projects that include Pàdé, Openfire, Smack and Spark.

I am a self employed system integrator and contract through Inspired Futures.

When not actively working on a customer project, I work on Pàdé, a unified communications XMPP solution that does chat, group-chat, audio/video conferencing, data feeds and document co-sharing.


Full name: Dele Olajide
Mail address:
Company name: Inspired Futures

Purpose of applying:

Currently working on a customer funded project that will result in proposing changes to XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues

Planning to propose an XEP from an active project of mine that uses XMPP as the engine for real-time editing of OpenDocuments (an open, XML-based file format specification for office applications)