Dave Cridland Application 2021

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Hi, I'm Dave Cridland, sometimes known as "dwd" for reasons that should definitely be lost in the mists of time by now. On very formal occasions - like for the Passport Authority or if my mother is annoyed with me - I'm David Alan Cridland.

That's, erm, forthcoming of you

Yes, well, I actually wrote XEP-0345, which attempted to codify the minimum information we needed here. It's still Experimental.

I'm therefore not obliged by the rules, but by common sense, to also mention I'm available on email or by XMPP. And also --

What do you do for a living?

Yes, yes. I was getting to that. I have a somewhat worrying list of affiliations:

  • Forward Clinical Ltd T/A Pando
  • Ignite Realtime Foundation
  • Openfire (but that's somewhat dormant currently, to my shame)
  • XMPP Standards Foundation

The first one is my day job; I look after the messaging aspects of a clinical messaging company used by the NHS, and now the Defence Medical Services in the UK. In a pandemic. I do make some interesting career choices, don't I?

See also User:dwd for a bit more.

Why do you want to be a member?

I'm not process-mad, in fact, I hate having to conform to strict processes, but I do think whatever processes we like to oeprate under should be properly documented and transparent, otherwise it's unfair on newcomers who have no idea how decisions are made (or challenged). That would explain my bits like the aforementioned XEP-0345, and bits of XEP-0001. Broadly, I prefer to change the docs to describe what we do than change what we do to describe the docs - though if we're not doing anything yet it's easiest to try to stick to the docs.

It'd be weird to work on that if I weren't even a member. Though I am on the Board of the XSF, so there's that.

I am also on Council, and - interestingly - we don't seem to have rules on what happens if I cease to be a member partway through the term. So a *really* good reason to vote me out would be to find out what happens. But please don't.

Overall, I think I get a reasonable amount of stuff done in the actual mechanics of operating the XMPP Standards Foundation, which is, after all, what members are there for. I could certainly do more, though.

What else do you do?

I fixed all the known bugs in the Memberbot a while back.

I didn't rig it to automatically vote me in, though, which is a clear demonstration of my honesty and blah de blah.

But an MR for it would have been a great application. I did a Python bot that would automatically vote for me once as an XSF application.

Did you fix that new one you decided you'd found?

Not yet, sorry.

What's the Secret Project?

I can't tell you that, it's a secret.