Dave Cridland Application 2015

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Who is Dave Cridland anyway?

Dave Cridland -- or as he is sometimes known, Dave Cridland -- is currently the most advanced simulation of a human being available commercially. Although many people have assumed he is real, a close examination reveals he is constructed entirely out of tiny automata, operating in a semi-cooperative multipath heterogenous network mesh. Some studies have shown he is in fact over 60% water. Manufactured by traditional methods in the mid '70's, he has failed the Turing test a record fifteen times over the past four decades.

What does he do?

Sleep plays an outrageously large part of his life. He has also been observed eating, breathing, and in some rare cases drinking alcohol.

He is currently employed by Surevine as a protocol droid, and also acts as a automatic merge facility for Openfire.

Is there an online demo?

Yes! You can email him as Dave Cridland or IM on Dave Cridland.

Further Information