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Dave Cridland

Personal Information

I am Dave Cridland, employed by Arcode, Inc as a Protocol Droid.

XSF Activities

I am a member of the Board, and have previously served on the Council. I hover on the vague peripheries of the iteam, more to pitch in with advice than anything else, though it at least gives me a solid overview of the level of work they do (which is to say "lots").

I have volunteered for the XEP Editor team, and personally sponsored the XSF Dinner.

I have been known to have a bit of a rant at inactive members, though generally I'm a little more upbeat and positive than that. :-)

XMPP Activities

I previously worked on the Isode M-Link server, writing much of the higher-levels of the MUC and PubSub code, and significant portions of the TLS code (both channel encryption and authentication).

I've very occasionally thrown patches at Gajim (including support for SCRAM). I'm looking at Yaxim, now; I may manage to do something with it.

I also have an XMPP project on the go; of which more when it does something useful.

I've written parts of some XEPs.

I try to actively promote XMPP where it's sensible to do so.

Other Stuff

I'm reasonably active in the IETF as well; I've served as a Working Group Co-Chairman and also part-written various RFCs.

I have some claim to being an expert in email, particularly IMAP.


Most open-source code I've written is on Github, I'm gradually relicensing it to MIT though some GPL remains.

For your amusement and edification, there is a complete ACAP server, an ACAP-enabled email client, and perhaps more usefully, a fork of rapidxml containing additional bits to make it useful for parsing XML Streams.