Dave Cridland Application 2009

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Who the heck are you?

I'm the now almost legendary Dave Cridland

Why are you reapplying?

Partly because if I don't, I'd be forced off the XMPP Council, which'd be a bit annoying, given that TV on Wednesday nights is still terrible.

Mostly because I'm weird enough to actually want to *do* things with XMPP and the XSF. I even remembered I was a member, which I think is a bit of a plus.

What sort of things do you do for the world of XMPP?

I write occasional blog posts, I help develop Isode M-Link, I try to make useful comments on XEPs, and I try to get other people doing the same.

What is your favourite colour?

I'm not entirely sure. My least favourite combination of colours is green and purple, if that helps.

Why do you spell colour that way?

It's the right way, especially if you're British, which I am.

Where do you live?


What's the point of these questions?

I've no idea, quite honestly. Nobody ever reads these things anyway.

Who's asking them anyway?

What, you mean, who are you?


Oh, well, you'd be me, really.


Well, I'm writing both the questions and the answers. The reader is assumed to be an interested third party to the discussion, really.

Doesn't that mean you're a bit soft in the head?

Most likely. Years of reading RFCs, Internet Drafts, XEPs - it all erodes the mind.

What would someone who really wanted to ask you questions do?

Well, there's this great technology called XMPP, which people can use. It's like sending very short letters, except apparently any form of punctuation, grammar, or spelling is entirely optional, and it's instant.

Wow, sounds great, what's your Thingumijid?

I'm xmpp:dwd@dave.cridland.net - which isn't recognised as a URI by our own Wiki. Not a bit ironic, of course.

Cool. And for longer, more involved questions?

You could send me email at mailto:dave@cridland.net

But I needn't, because...

You're just the voice inside my head, yes, I know.