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Who am I?

I am a 30 year old (soon to be 31) systems programmer at North Carolina State University (USA). I started investigating Jabber/XMPP after it was clear our campus Zephyr service was not going to cut it anymore. I first became involved in XMPP directly when I wrote a client, jwgc that behaved like the Zephyr client I was used to. As I learned more about the protocol, I became quite interested in what could be done with it. At one point, James Bunton posted that he had written PyMSNt and it could be easily extended for other protocols so I jumped on that opportunity and created PyAIMt and PyICQt. Since then I have learned a tremendous amount and have hopefully made a lot of positive contributions to XMPP. =) I have written a single JEP so far, for vCard filtering. It was sort of a "starter" JEP for me as I was writing it because others were interested in the concept. I've got a couple of other JEP... XEP =) concepts that I'd like to write up that I just haven't gotten to yet. Earlier this year I began writing an IM Gateway plugin for Wildfire and work with it has spawned a couple of other XEP ideas. I am also the maintainer of the Jabber Script Repository, which I have been on and off working on a new look and feel for. You may also know me as Jadestorm.

Why am I applying

I would like to become a little more involved in shaping XMPP and it's extensions, mostly extensions. To be frank, I don't know what form this is going to come in, so to start with I am interested in becoming involved in what the JSF does and getting me feet wet so to speak. Apparently folk have been wondering why I'm -not- on the JSF.  ;)


JID: daniel@jabber.vorpalcloud.org
EMail: jadestorm@nc.rr.com