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Affiliations & Projects

  • Openfire contributor
  • Smack contributor
  • Former Surevine staff member, current Surevine contractor, doing various XMPP-powered projects, XMPP project contributions & integrations
  • Jitsi / Openfire integration & deployment
  • Openfire containerisation & deployment

My present regular employment contains a disappointingly zero amount of XMPP work.


Guus said it'd be a good idea to quit playing at the edges and to get more involved, and I've learned not to argue with Guus - he's right too often.

What started as a short project whilst working at Surevine has turned into a personal passion. My background in software testing coupled with a Software Engineering degree means I spend a lot of my time finding problems, then trying to fix them, then getting an actual developer to fix them for real. A lot of my professional time has been spent implementing or testing XMPP software against XEPs for standards compliance (most recently XEP-0045 and XEP-0313) which often including contributions to Smack's integration tests. In doing so, I've gotten a good handle on what's involved in the standards, and think I could enjoy taking a step further forwards and contributing the XSF.