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* Steffen Larsen (H)(thurs-sun)  
* Steffen Larsen (H)(thurs-sun)  
* Lloyd Watkin (thurs-sun)
* Lloyd Watkin (thurs-sun)
* Matthew Wild (thurs-sun)
The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:
The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

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XMPP Summit 17

The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 17th XMPP Summit on -TBD- around FOSDEM 2015.

If you would like to participate in the Summit, please join the summit@xmpp.org discussion list and post with your participation request. Space is not infinite, but we will try to accommodate all requests.

Meeting Notes

Last year notes Summit_15_Minutes


Possible topics:

  • XMPP-IoT Joachim Lindborg: Current state of the IoT Xeps

from last year

  • WebRTC -- slides
  • Google summer of code, what when who
  • Interoptesting
  • MAM search
  • MUC 227
  • Remote Conferencing with XMPP: High level discussion on what we have, with reference to the IETF's VMeet work.
  • Akari Harada and Yusuke Doi: Progress report on XEP-0322 and its applications slides
  • Security - list the current weaknesses and then discuss DNSSEC, security test days and securing s2s
  • XMPP in the browser - Update on projects to bring XMPP to the browser started last year (xmpp-ftw/stanza.io)
  • How about the agenda with UPNP and their cloud project involving XMPP (and us as liaisons)
  • Push Notification XEP slides
  • Stanza Throttling/Buffering
  • 10 minute update on the work on the new XMPP.org website (second day if possible)
  • IQ response tracking in libraries (ralphm)
  • OAuth for XMPP (Simon and Lloyd)

Short Talks and General Updates

Please post to the summit@xmpp.org list if you would like to volunteer. Here are some possibilities:


See FOSDEM 2015 for details.


The following people plan to be there in person: (H) means checkin on checkout on

  • Joachim Lindborg (H)(thurs-sun)
  • Steffen Larsen (H)(thurs-sun)
  • Lloyd Watkin (thurs-sun)
  • Matthew Wild (thurs-sun)

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

Please keep the list sorted (on last name) when adding people.

XSF Dinner

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants on Saturday, January 31st 2015. XSF members attend for free and are allowed to bring one guest.


L'Auberge Bretonne

  • 670 Brusselsesteenweg
  • Overijse 3090, Belgium


The following organizations and individuals have stepped up to sponsor the dinner:

  • Your name here! Contact Dave Cridland or any other member of the XSF Board!




Hotel Booking

Remote Participation

We will use the summit@muc.xmpp.org chatroom for coordination and Google Hangouts with a YouTube broadcast for sharing audio and video.

GPG key signing

During the summit there will be the possibility to sign each others GPG keys. If you want to have your keys signed, please take along:

  • Key printouts with the following:
    • your first name and last name
    • the e-mail adresses and other id's you would like to have signed
    • the key-id and encryption method (eg: 4096R/1A2B3C4D)
    • key fingerprint (visible with: gpg -v --fingerprint 1A2B3C4D)
  • Some official ID with photo (e.g. Passport or drivers license)

Prepared like this, it should not take more then 15 minutes to cross-sign the keys of everybody who is interested. More info can be found at: Debian Wiki on Keysigning. Some handy scripts for making mass-signing more easy can be found in the Signing party Debian package.

Here are the people who plan to participate in key signing: