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XMPP Summit 14

The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 14th XMPP Summit on October 21 and 22 in Portland, Oregon, USA. This is the Monday and Tuesday after the RedisConf, RealtimeConf and WebRTC Camp.

If you would like to participate in this event, please join the discussion list and post with your participation request. Please note that the XMPP Summit is not designed for people who are just interested in learning about XMPP (e.g., we will not have introductory tutorials), but instead for active technical contributors in the XMPP community or folks who would like to engage in more detailed technical discussions.







The following people plan to be there in person:

  • Ralph Meijer
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Bear (Mike Taylor)
  • Matthew Wild
  • Dave Cridland
  • Lloyd Watkin
  • Waqas Hussain
  • Lance Stout
  • Sergey Dobrov
  • Justin Karneges
  • Nathan Fritz
  • Philipp Hancke
  • Wayne Franklin
  • Simon Tennant

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

  • Joachim Lindborg


XSF Dinner

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants. The date, time and venue for the dinner is still TBD. XSF members attend for free and are allowed to bring one guest.

The following organizations and individuals have stepped up to sponsor the dinner:

  • [..]


We have a block of rooms at the Marriott Portland City Center - please use the conference code "RTL" to get the group rate. (If you have attending the Realtime Conference, there is also a group rate at the Jupiter Hotel but only through the 20th, at which point you'd need to switch hotels.)

Our meetings will also happen at the Marriott, but in a nicer room than last time. ;-)

Remote Participation

We will use the chatroom for coordination and Google Hangouts with a YouTube broadcast for sharing audio and video. The Hangout is limited to 9 participants, so please join the Hangout only if you plan to ask questions or otherwise be actively involved in the voice and video aspects of the conversation.