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XMPP Summit 11

The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 11th XMPP Summit on Monday, February 6, 2012, in Brussels, Belgium. This is the Monday after FOSDEM 2012.

The XSF will also hold an interop test event and general XMPP hackfest on Friday, February 3.

Both of these events will be held at Cisco Systems Belgium's offices in Diegem (just outside Brussels and accessible via local train from the city center).

If you would like to participate in either of these events, please join the discussion list and post with your participation request. Space is not infinite, but we will try to accommodate all requests.

Hackfest (Friday)

The XMPP Hackfest gives XMPP developers a chance to code on test interoperability, build or extend applications, and give a few informal talks about technical topics. The XMPP Hackfest starts at 09:30 and runs until 17:00.

Devroom (Saturday)

We will have a devroom on Saturday at FOSDEM. See the FOSDEM 2012 page for details.

XSF Dinner (Saturday)

We will hold an XSF dinner on Saturday night. XSF members attend for free. Members can bring one guest. We will once again arrange transportation if needed. Stay tuned for details. Dinner sponsors are very much welcome to help defray the costs.

Summit (Monday)

The official "XMPP Summit" itself: Intensive discussions among XMPP developers to solve pressing problems in the XMPP protocol stack. Although all are welcome, the XMPP Summit is not intended for people who are just interested in learning about XMPP (see the Saturday schedule at FOSDEM), but instead for active technical contributors in the XMPP community.

Likely technical topics include:

  • internationalization (RFC6122bis)
  • end-to-end encryption (RFC3923bis)
  • cryptographic hash agility (XEP-0300)
  • message carbons (XEP-0280)
  • Jingle file transfer (XEP-0234)
  • vCard4 (XEP-0292)
  • fast reconnect (XEP-0305)
  • message forwarding (XEP-0297)
  • real-time text (XEP-0301)
  • distributed chatrooms

If you have ideas for technical topics, please post them to the discussion list.