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! Event on XSF Shared Calendar?
! Event on XSF Shared Calendar?
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! Twitter announcement  

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About POSS, Paris Open Source Summit

The Paris Open Source Summit, aka POSS http://www.opensourcesummit.paris/ is an annual conference that reunites open source communities and businesses.

It will take place on:

  • Wed 6 Dec
  • Thu 7 Dec

English presentation: http://www.opensourcesummit.paris/Pr%C3%A9sentation+de+l%5C%27%C3%A9v%C3%A9nement_150_4566.html?lg=en

Associated events:

  • Student Demo Cup
  • Open CIO Summit
  • LegalTech village
  • Price for the actors of free software

Three themes for talks:

  • TECH


  • 4 to 6k


Paris Open Source Summit started in 2015, that is the result if the fusion between:

Call for Participation


Who is coming

  • Nicolas Vérité (nyco)

XSF/XMPP booth

Stand V29 Will welcome various volunteers.


We can potentially organise a meetup...

SCAM metadata

SCAM metadata
Event on wiki main page (under 'upcoming events')? Yes
Announced on mailing list? https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2017-September/008658.html
Event on XSF Shared Calendar? Yes
Twitter announcement None yet
Blogpost announcement None yet
Blogpost wrapup None yet