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FOSDEM 2013 (the Free and Open Source Software Developers' Europe Meeting) will take place on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

This year, as in previous years, the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will host both a devroom and a promotional booth. Previous FOSDEM meetings have provided us with a good platform for raising the profile of Jabber/XMPP technologies and spreading knowledge of Jabber/XMPP projects and initiatives throughout the open source community.

FOSDEM 2013 will be preceded by Summit 13 on Thursday, January 31 and Friday, February 1. This year, the Summit will be taking place just outside of Brussels at facilities kindly provided by Cisco. Head over to the Summit 13 page for more details.

Getting involved in FOSDEM 2013

The XSF needs your help to make FOSDEM a success! You can get involved in three ways:

Give a Devroom Talk

On Saturday (the 1st February) we'll have access to a devroom to host tutorials, demonstrations, presentations, and lightning talks. The XMPP devroom is usually very popular, attracting a large, technically literate audience (so no marketing fluff allowed!).

If you want to see the sort of talks we've hosted in the past, then head over to the pages for FOSDEM 2012, FOSDEM 2011, Summit 8/FOSDEM 2010 and Summit 6/FOSDEM 2009.

If you're interested in giving a talk, please introduce yourself on the summit mailing list and provide the following information about your session:

  • Name of the presenter(s)
  • Short bios for presenter(s)
  • Session name
  • Session type (presentation, demonstration, tutorial, lightning talk)
  • Session abstract (one or two sentences about the topic)
  • Time requested (typically 5 minutes for lightning talks, 15 or 30 minutes for presentations, 50 minutes for tutorials)
  • URLs for related projects

As talks are accepted, they will be listed below.

Help at the Real Time Lounge

This year, we hope to again have an enormous stand that needs filling with people! We're aiming to showcase exciting and inventive XMPP-based projects, and we need your help both to provide things to demo, and hang out answering questions from the crowd.

Also, please sign up for a shift at the lounge so that our hardworking volunteers can do things like eat lunch or catch some talks at the devroom! The lounge hours are 10:00-19:00 on Saturday and 10:00-17:00 on Sunday.


We are planning to host demonstrations at the lounge. If you would like to present a demo, please list it below.

  • Real-time encrypted video between the Lounge and the Jitsi booth.

It is traditional for the XSF to hold a dinner one evening during FOSDEM and the Summit. Details to follow.

Sponsorship from individuals or organisations to help reduce the costs to attendees is always appreciated. As sponsors step forward they'll be listed below.

If you or the organisations you work for would like to sponsor the dinner (no donation too small), then please contact XSF Board Member (and dinner organiser) Florian Jensen.