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* [[Basic communication guide for XMPP techies]]
* [[Basic communication guide for XMPP techies]]
* [[Personas]]
* [[Personas]] please review
* [[Social Media accounts and pages]]
* [[XSF content]]
* [[Twitter and Mastodon content]] rolling schedule
* [https://trello.com/b/dkhCQCOE/commteam|CommTeam Trello board] for tasks tracking
* [[GSoC 2019]]
* [[GSoC 2019]]
* [[Social Media]]
* [[XSF content]]
* [[Twitter and Mastodon content]]
* [https://trello.com/b/dkhCQCOE/commteam|CommTeam Trello board]

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This is a work page for the XSF's Communication Team.


The team's mission is to inform the XMPP community and interested parties on news and recent developments within XMPP ecosystem.

The team consists of XSF members who have indicated their desire and willingness to join the team and execute its mission, and whose membership has been approved by the board.

Current Projects

Update CommTeam information on the Wiki and on xmpp.org

  • Update the text here xmpp.org/participate/become-a-member/the-xsf-communication-team
  • Make sure that wiki pages concerning the CommTeam are up to date
  • Collect News and Articles for the next XMPP Newsletter

Create infrastructure for sending out a regular newsletter

  • Update xmpp.org repo so that regular newsletters can be sent out (in progress)

Write blog articles on xmpp.org

Team members



Next meeting

Date: 20??-??-?? ??:?? UTC/GMT