Christopher Zorn Application 2010

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Christopher "tofu" Zorn - Application 2010


I currently live in Charleston, SC USA and work for Collecta. I have used the Jabber/XMPP protocol for work and play since 2000. My use of XMPP started with various projects for the Medical University of South Carolina, contracts, Chesspark and continues with Collecta. These projects also allowed for contribution back to the XMPP community, ranging from small bug fixes, for different clients and servers, to some open source projects that I list below.

XMPP Projects

Current Projects

Older Projects

XMPP Evangelism

Why am I applying?

Currently, most technical projects I work on use XMPP. As we know, it solves a good deal of real time messaging and presence problems. I have used it in many ways, from the normal instant message solutions, to business applications and data transfer, to games like Chesspark. I try to contribute to open source applications that I use in my projects. Any time I get the chance to promote XMPP, I take it! I would also like to increase my contribution to the official XMPP community and being a member facilitates that.