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This page lists the topics that are on the horizon for the XSF's Board of Directors.

Board Goals 2015

The Board has decided to invite the membership to vote on goals for the Board for 2015. Progress towards these goals can be used to evaluate the performance of the Board. Three groups of goals have been identified:

  1. Objective (%): Goals for which a measurable target can be set and overachieving that target is possible.
  2. Objective (Yes/No): Goals which we either meet or we don't. Over achievement isn't possible.
  3. Subjective: Goals which defy objective measurement and which, at the end of the year, the membership have to decide if we have or have not achieved.

The membership will be asked to vote for up to 5 goals, choosing at least one from each category. The options, together with an explanation for each, can be found on the Proposed 2015 Goals page.


Proposed Agenda

Note: the board reserves the right to discuss/change/remove items added below

post FOSDEM / Summit

Do we have any post-event duties? Reimbursements?

Confirm Office Assignments

The board needs to ask if the Executive Director and other assignments wish to remain.

We also need to fill the Treasurer role



2013-02-27 16:30 GMT/UTC,270,5x1

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