Basic communication guide for XMPP techies

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  • People (your targets) are not aware of your project progress
  • At community level, it gives the impression the activity is low, the collective effort is dormant
  • Show it is quite easy and effortless to produce the bare minimum


  • Post regularly: monthly is achievable
  • Content: new software releases, reactions to news, explanation of a problem, benefits of your solutions...
  • Length: it does not have to be long, 1 to 5 min read is doable
  • Structure: do an intro and an outro, put titles, put illustrations with attribution, choose your post title wisely, double check the keywords
  • Illustrations: put awesome graphics, with alt text
  • Title(s): make a great post title, make good heading 2 and 3 titles
  • Keywords: think twice of your most important keywords, put them in titles

Social media


  • Text: very short, choose your keywords
  • Hashtags: 2 or 3, not more
  • Illustrations: mandatory, with attribution
  • Link: direct link, or shortened for tracking

If you tweet about your latest blog post, tweet it two or three times in one or two weeks, with different text


  • Longer posts more serious than Twitter (pro audience, less troll)
  • Make real sentences, punctuation, paragraphs
  • Still use text, hashtags, link and illustration


  • links: add a "+" symbol at the end of the link to access the stats (public)
  • Twitter: per post "View tweet activity", or
  • LinkedIn: click on "XXX views of your post in the feed"
  • Matomo on your blog