Ashley Ward Application 2014

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JID: or

Email: or

Company: Surevine

Last year's application: Ashley Ward Application 2013

Since last year my work with xmpp has been on and off, I have helped out with some xeps, including some updates to the BOSH and Buddycloud XEPs. I have also been involved with some of the London meetups, and with buddycloud server development amongst bits and bobs for other XMPP based projects.

We potentially have some really interesting XMPP based work coming up which I'm pretty excited about too.

I have also volunteered for the XSF editorial team and (for my sins) to split xep-0060 into more manageable chunks, which I'm currently building myself up for!

Why I'm Reapplying

This is just a copy and paste from my application last year but it still holds true!

I really like the XMPP protocol, and can see it becoming an increasingly essential internet protocol in the future, not just for IM but for far more general applications too, and I really want to be involved in shaping that. I also really enjoyed being with everyone and getting involved at the recent summit, and want more of that. The XSF is such a nice bunch of people! :)