Artur Hefczyc Application 2006

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My name is Artur Hefczyc and I am currently living in UK, Cambridge. I am applying for membership to the JFS.


I am 36 old software enginner living in Cambridge, UK. Apart from my professional job I used to participate to a few open source projects: GeoTools, GenerGuide, WTTools and the last one, Jabber/XMPP related: Tigase Server.

Apart from software development work I wrote also a few articles about working with emacs and XML: "Emacs and JDEE", "Tools and methods for XML" and "Editing XML files".

Software development is not just a way to earn money for me. I like doing it, I enjoy creating something new and I have a big fun when I can see as other people use my software.

Jabber/XMPP Projects


Plans for the future

Jabber - Why I like it

Why I'm applying