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Hello, my name is Maciej Niedzielski and I'm applying for Jabber Software Foundation membership.

About me

Although my first name is Maciej, you will often see me using a less formal version: Maciek. But I'm probably best known in the Internet as machekku (or sometimes マチェック).

I'm a student of Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.

Jabber is one of my biggest hobbies, but not the only one.

  • Japanese comic books and animated movies.
  • Searching for small-but-useful tools for my PC. Or writing them.
  • Writing letters. On a paper. With a pencil. Yes.. Maybe sounds strange when IM addict says so, but that's really true :)
  • Visiting a park (or other "green place") from time to time. I can really spend hours there, just walking around and watching nature.


I got interested in Jabber almost four years ago. At first I thought it was just yet another IM system, but soon I noticed that - thanks to being open - it can become more powerful than anything I had used before.


I've been contributing patches for Psi almost since the beginning of my Jabber adventure. I think this is how I became more than just a normal user.
My first own public XMPP project. Suuga is a math both - something like a calculator. It was quite a challenge to write it, since it was my first time writing in Python, first XMPP application developed entirely by me and my first advanced parser. But it works! (you can try it online at suuga@uaznia.net)
Jabber user's map, created together with my friend. Probably the only map which allows users to define multiple locations (identified by resources).
A set of client and server side components implementing XEP-0070, developed as Google Summer of Code 2006 project. I'm planning to make these components more useful and more user-friendly in the near future.
Sometimes my "nice ideas" help other people with their projects. Sometimes I even get mentioned on credits pages :)


JabberPL Forum
I'm one of the most active members of Polish Jabber Forum (with Bulbs lover rank :)), helping users with their everyday XMPP-related problems.
Psi Forum
I'm also a pretty active member of Psi Forum.
Psi Chatroom
I frequently visit Psi's official chatroom, discussing everything from user's problems to client development.
I'm subscribing Standards-JIG to keep in touch with latest protocol development and sometimes contribute my own ideas.
As I am pretty well known person in Polish Jabber community, people quite often send me their questions directly via XMPP, and I am always happy to help them.

(Note: You might got a feeling that recently I disappeared from the community. The truth is that I was on an almost-one-month-long summer trip of my life. And believe me, no matter how great Internet protocols we have, experiencing something in real is much, much better. Sometimes it's good to take a small break from computers and admire the beauty of the "outside world" and talk with people and smile face to face)

Why am I applying

As I wrote on Jobble main page, I'm trying to have fun while using Jabber. Not only using, but also contributing to XMPP. Being a member of JSF would motivate me to work even harder, which also means that I'd have even more fun :)

More seriously, I hope to become even more involved in the community thanks to JSF membership.


Feel free to contact me via Jabber or email via machekku.at.uaznia.dot.net.

If you're curious how did I get this hard-to-remember nick, or would like to know how do I look, check my wiki page :)