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The Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) will hold its second XMPP interoperability testing event and devcon on Monday, February 26, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. This is the Monday after FOSDEM 2007. All interested developers of XMPP servers, clients, and code libraries are welcome to attend.


The focus for this event will still be core XMPP compliance, including the modifications in rfc3920bis and rfc3921bis. This will help us complete the RFC changes.


Logistical details to follow. If you have questions or would like to help with planning, contact Mickael Remond or Peter Saint-Andre.


Add your name here if you plan to attend!

  • Peter Saint-Andre (JSF)
  • Remko Tronçon (Psi)
  • Matt Tucker (Jive Software) -- tentative
  • Gaston Dombiak (Jive Software) -- tentative
  • Alexander Gnauck (AG-Software)
  • Kevin Smtih (Psi) -- tentative
  • Ben Turner (Siemens) -- tentative
  • Artur Hefczyc (Tigase)

Past Events

The first interop event was held in July 2006. For details, see Interop Event 2006.