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About Me

I'm just your average programmer interested in open source, federation, e2e encryption, and running my own services to avoid reliance on 3rd parties.

I've written 2 XEPs that were accepted, XEP-0368 and XEP-0418, and one that was not HACX.

Recently I've found a security vulnerability, eatxmempp: CVE-2021-32918, and written xmpp-proxy to both mitigate that, and experiment with various XMPP transports, including QUIC and S2S-over-WebSocket (XEPs to come).

If I had to pick a goal/passion when it comes to XMPP, it would have to be connectivity. After all, if a user is faced with a "cannot connect" error, nothing else matters.

Council Goals

Accept Early Accept Often: ProtoXEPs should be accepted as experimental if they solve a problem and are clearly written (ie, someone can read this and implement it). It doesn't matter if they solve a problem another XEP has already attempted to solve but in a different way. It's not council's job to decide which way is better, that decision should be left up to "running code" (ie implementations).

What follows from that is XEPs that have stood the test of time and are widely implemented need moved to Stable aggressively, and XEPs that have been abandoned need Deferred/Deprecated as appropriate.