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Read about me on my user page.

Board Candidacy 2019

My main motivation for running for XSF board this year is to provide more choice during this election. Or as GeOrG phrased it "7 is better than 6. Fresh blood is good as well."

If I get elected I am interested in doing the following:

  • Increasing the transparency of the board and foundation.
  • Support SCAM
    • Further support member-/community-organized events like Sprints and Meetups
    • Ensure that XMPP is sufficiently represented at conferences of interest, for example by financially supporting attendees travel where necessary
  • Evaluate interest and potentially kick-off the process of establishing a brand for XMPP applications. We are often enough still using "Jabber" because we lack a replacement. XMPP is too bulky and technical for average users.
  • General thinking outside of established structures

I serve in the board of directors of another US non-profit foundation and although it is totally unrelated, it probably doesn't hurt to know how things work at other places.