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Simon Tennant for Board 2013

Securing XMPP

GSOC submissions

- success factors: What will a successful GSOC project look like? Describe the specifics of measure success of the software?

- success for the XSF: -- how will you project benefit the XSF community? -- how how will it make more non-XMPP folk aware of XMPP's benefits?

- what problem will your application solve?

- which audience is your application aimed at?

- what will your applicaiton do?

- describe the architecture?

- What is the minimum viable amount of work you need to do before it's useful?

- How many weeks will it take to reach MVP status?

- who are the thought leaders in this area?

- how do you plan to reach out to them?

- how will you gain distribuion?

- what tools will the team use to collaborate?

- how often will you resync your team?

- are there commercial versions of what you make? Beyond it being free, why would someone use your open source version?

- Are there XEPs that cover your product?

- where will mentors be able to check daily code updates?

- which blog will you be posting weekly updates to?