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To Be Added

there are many aims in fact.

But one aim is to be able to move existing applications (web applications, web services, semantic applications, etc. hosted on the web) and move them into new settings (for instance hosting it at home) and be able to reuse them without having to change them or opening ports in firewalls. An example would be to access your thermostat (that has a built in web page) from your office.

Another aim is to be able to create new applications (web applications, web services, semantic applications) and be able to use them both on the web, but also safely for instance hosting them at home, and accessing them from the outside without having to code explicitly for this. It would be automatic, through the use of xmpp:// URL scheme.

The only implementation required is to implement support for it in the corresponding web server (for instance open source Apache) and a browser (open source Fire Fox, Chromium, for instance), instead of having to implement peer-to-peer technology into the application itself (or all the applications themselves - thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions?).

Another aim is to extend semantic technologies from HTTP to XMPP, to be able to create more secure applications, for instance in the Internet of Things.