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=== Identity ===

* First name: ?ukasz
* Secound name : Marek
* Surname: Sielski
* Official nick name : Sielay
* Birth: 10-April-1984
* Country: Poland
* Region: zachodniopomorskie
* City: Szczecin

=== Life in general ===

* studying economics at University of Szczecin
* currently working for Gloport in Szczecin
* currently working as independent business applications developer

=== Profession ===

* Diploma of Economics technican: Economics and Companies organisation
* Studied 4 semesters 'Master of Economics'
* Experienced PHP 4/5 Developer
* Experienced Delphi Programmer
* Experienced HTML4,xHTML,WML,Flash editor

=== Interests ===

* I play guitar for ... 7 years
* I cook
* I code much in free time
* I'm the worst driver in all the hood

=== Some portfolio ===

* Oddech Magazine
* My first job in my work
* Some other
* My first page, and project I've managed
* Some flash example
* Few portals engines - main engine is still developed under EasyBloX name, it's opensource (source available by mail at the moment). We're trying to use it at Jabber Software Map with Uls
* Partners catalogues - huge databases with administrate panels and filtered views, printouts and so on. Not available to show - it's closed content of some portals (screens avaiable at my homepage)

==== Some Jabber Portfolio ====
* Jabber Client in Delphi - not opened project, ASIM is next version of it, and will be opened
* ASIM in Delphi - current version isn't full supporting RFCs... but in the development is new version (details below)
* Jabber Client in Flash - very simple, used to build support centers, one-to-one chats by random (or dedicated to current user) resource in jid

==== Projects in progress ====

* TJabber lib for Delphi - with thread socked, full support of RFC 3920, RFC 3921 and basic jeps
* TIAX - Delphi interface for IAXClient Lib by Steve Kann
* ASIM - IM Client that use both of this libs
* EasyBlox - powerfull and very easy in use portal engine in PHP
* PEBX - php5 mutation of EasyBloX for building intranet business apps
* Jabber Software Map - helping [[User:Uls]] with that project

==== Future jobs ====

* JabberDBProvider Tools - agent that gives access to any serverside database (mysql, pgsql, db for the begining) and components (compatible with Borland TDataSet) that connects with it with TJabber component

=== HomePage ===


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