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= XMPP Component Protocol =

The Jabber network has long included a wire protocol that enables trusted components to connect to Jabber servers. This has since been documented in the [ Jabber Component Protocol specification (JEP-0114)]. This page documents arguments for and requirements of a superseding protocol.

== Arguments ==

Arguments for wanting a replacement component protocol:

* Have XMPP 1.0 XML Streams
* More intricate JEPs that require access to user information like roster and presence. An example is the [ Personal Eventing Protocol (JEP-0163)].
* Handle several JIDs through one connection

== Links ==
[ Jabberd2's component protocol]

== Current discussions ==

The most likely approach to improve the protocol is:
* First define a simple API of target operations.
* Propose an XMPP formalism for the API using "adhoc commands" that cna be handled by the server.

One of the first target in the API is roster item addition (with nickname and subscription) and deletion.

== Restriction to remove ==

We discussed the removal of the restriction in XEP-0114 that prevent a component to send packets on the behalf of a user of the server itself.


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