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Here are the project ideas that were suggested for the [ Summer of Code 2007] ...

== Client ==
== Server ==
=== General ===
==== XEP-0033 support ====
[ XEP-0033] is a XMPP extension which can save a lot S2S (Server to Server) traffic and let you easily send messages to more than one contact, even with cc and bcc recipients you used to know from electronic mail. The XEP hasn't changed since 2004 but there are only some implementations at the moment. So your project could be to add support for XEP-0033 to your open source server of choice. If that isn't enough some servers, e.g. eJabberd, have own components for PubSub and MUC so if adding XEP-0033 support to those servers it should be easy for you to add support to the included components too.

== Library ==
== Component ==


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