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I am Artur Bergman, I am applying for membership to the JSF 2006. Easiest to contact me is either sky[at] or abergman[at] using email or xmpp.

== History ==
I am 26 years old, I am a perl hacker, I worked on several parts of the core, most noteably the threading subsystem for 5.8. Now I manage the LiveJournal engineering team at SixApart, that lets me say that I help furries get married.

== XMPP project ==
The [ DJabberd] project, I am co-developer with Brad.

== Future plans ==
Make sure we can scale LJ Talk up to millions of users.

== Why I want to join ==
PSA told me too ;) I figured since I spend so much time on this it would be good to be a part of it.


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