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= Ali Sabil =
I am a 24 years old research engineer, originally from Casablanca, Morocco. Currently living in Oslo, Norway. I contribute to various Free and Open Source projects. I have been interested in XMPP and more generally in real-time communication protocols for the past 4 years.

== Affiliation ==
I am currently working for [ TANDBERG], a Norwegian video-conferencing company where I have been pushing for a wider adoption of XMPP for about 2 years. My interest is joining the XSF is solely personal.

== XMPP related activities ==
* Author of [ Whisper], a Vala XMPP client library whose development is currently put on hold.
* Author and maintainer of the Loudmouth Vala bindings.
* Working on an experimental research project involving among other technologies XMPP, Jingle and PubSub.
* Worked on an experimental SIMPLE to XMPP gateway.
* Worked on an experimental synchronous collaboration surface based on XMPP.
* Worked a c++ XMPP client library.
* Worked on a home automation project based on XMPP (University project).
* Actively pushing for a wider usage of XMPP at [ TANDBERG].
* Attended the 6th edition of the Summit.

== Why the XSF ? ==
I believe XMPP is where it is today thanks to the XSF, and I would like to join the XSF as a technical reviewer so that I can bring in my contributions and help maintaining and improving it.

== Contact me ! ==
* [ Jabber]
* [ E-Mail]
* [ Twitter]


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