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This page lists applications for membership in the [ XMPP Standards Foundation] received for Q1 2013.

Applications are welcome from people who are active in the Jabber/XMPP community!

To apply, create a wiki page about yourself. If you don't have a wiki account, join the [ jdev chatroom] or send your name, e-mail address, and preferred nickname to one of the [[sysops]], who will be happy to create an account for you.

It is not enough to just add your name! We (the voters) want to know for whom we give a yes or no vote, and we want to know what you have done with Jabber/XMPP technologies and why you want to be a member of the XSF. See recent [[Membership Applications]] for examples.

Please include as much information as possible when applying.

The following information is '''required''' with each application:
* '''Jabber ID'''
* '''e-mail address'''
* '''Company name''' (however, everyone serves as an individual, not a company representative)

Note that we need the foregoing information because members may ask you some questions and we need them for our records. Some members ask questions using the discussion page of your application, please visit it from time to time. Your JID and e-mail are '''required''' to contact you upon acceptance!

Responsibilities of XSF members are listed [ here].

Applications will be accepted until sometime in late February 2013, then voted on by existing XSF members and approved in an official XSF meeting.

'''The meeting particulars are:'''
* Date: TODO
* Time: 19.00 UTC
* Location: [ xsf chatroom]
** All applicants are invited to join this meeting.

== New Applicants ==
* [[Philipp Hancke Application 2013]]
* [[Emil Ivov Application 2013]]
* [[Stefan Strigler Application 2013]]
* [[Ashley Ward Application 2013]]
* [[Lloyd Watkin Application 2013]]
* [[Heiner Wolf Application 2013]]

== Reappliers ==
* [[David Banes Application 2013]]
* [[Ludovic Bocquet Application 2013]]
* [[Dave Cridland Application 2013]]
* [[Alexander Gnauck Application 2013]]
* [[Stephan Maka Application 2013]]
* [[Jack Moffitt Application 2013]]
* [[Jehan Pagès Application 2013]]
* [[Simon Tennant Application 2013]]
* [[Mick Thompson Application 2013]]
* [[Matthew Wild Application 2013]]
* [[Christopher Zorn Application 2013]]
* [[Stefan de Konink Application 2013]]
* [[Winfried Tilanus application 2013]]


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