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This page lists applications for JSF membership received in April 2006. The next application period will occur in July 2006 / Q3.

The application period ends on 18th April 23:59h UTC.

It is not enough to just add your name! We (the voters) want to know for whom we give a yes or no and we want to know what you have done with jabber and why you want to be a member of the JSF. As an example, see [[Johannes Wagener Application 2005]].

Please include as much information as possible when applying, '''including JID and email address''' so members can ask you some questions. Some members ask questions using the discussion page of your application, please visit it from time to time. Your JID and email are required to contact you upon acceptance!

== Applicants ==

* [[mogorman Application 2006]]
* [[Artur Hefczyc Application 2006]]

== Reappliers ==
* Alexey Schepin
* Boyd Fletcher
* Brisesh Singh
* Chris Mullins
* Daniel Noll
* Edmin Mons
* Florian Holzhauer
* Francesco Delfino
* Gino Micacchi
* Gustavo Felisberto
* Kevin Smith
* [[Marco Balmer Application 2006]]
* [[Matthias Wimmer Application 2006]]
* Stephen Marquard

If '''you want to apply, you need an account for the wiki''' to post here, '''ping me on jabber:''', i will set up an account for you in case you have none.
A quick guide on how to add a link to your wiki page is available under [[Help:Contents]].


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