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==About me==
My name is [ Marco Balmer]. I am a 26 years old computer scientist and living in Bern, Switzerland. I am member of the JSF since April 2004 and I did several Jabber/XMPP based projects in the past.

==Jabber/XMPP Projects==

I am operating the '''[ swissjabber-server].''' With about ~8000 users since Nov 2002 a good project for me and I hope for the users too. ;)

* Working on the jabber sms transport [ aspsms-t]'''
* Wrote some small bot's (Swiss phonebook, english<>german translation, Eliza psychoo) available on jabber://

===Jabber documentation===
On the [ swissjabber] website, I am working on a lot of [ easy documentations] for jabber beginners. We also begun to translate this docs to [ other languages].

===Plans for the future===
* Operation of [ swissjabber]
* Development of [ aspsms-t]
* Working still on easy documentations for jabber beginners

==Jabber - Why I like it==
Open protocols are the best way to communicate.

==Why I'm reapplying==
I believe jabber is a very good thing and I've still a lot to do. ;)

* []
* []


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