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This is a list of Jingle implementations, probably incomplete and misleading.  Please add missing information and correct mistakes.
It should be noted that most of these implementations do not implement what is in the XEPs, but the protocol used by Google Talk, which is slightly different.  It is expected that this situation will change when the XEPs mature.
= Google's libjingle =
[http://code.google.com/apis/talk/index.html Google's libjingle] is *NOT AN IMPLEMENTATION OF XEP-0166*, but uses a similar-looking Google session negotiation for Google Talk's voice and file transfer sessions.
The [http://psi-im.org Psi] and [http://tapioca-voip.sf.net Tapioca] projects have their own versions of libjingle.
= Telepathy Gabble =
The [http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/ Telepathy] framework's XMPP backend, Gabble, implements both Google sessions and XEP-0166 (including multiple streams, audio and video, addition & removal, and changes of stream direction).
= Java Jingle =
[[Java Jingle]] was a [[Summer of Code 2006]] project.
= Coccinella =
[http://coccinella.sf.net Coccinella] has an implementation of Google sessions in Tcl.
= Asterisk =
[http://asterisk.org Asterisk] has an implementation of Google sessions in C, with gatewaying support.
= FreeSWITCH =
[http://www.freeswitch.org FreeSWITCH] has an implementation of Google sessions in C, gatewaying support, and event transport over XMPP.


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