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== General ==
Having a Jabber client available that has a XML console is a really good thing! In example [ Exodus] has a nice console (press F12), but there are many other possibilities, too.

== For C and C++ users ==
'''XML parsers'''
For c and c++ [ expat] ([ MIT] license) is a good choice. The [ libxml2] ([ MIT] license) has strange SAX behaviour, as a XMPP stream is something like an '''unfinished''' XML document this is not good.

[ Xerces-C] is a good xml parser for xmpp. It may be a bit heavy, but it supports sax and dom.

== Windows GUI programmers ==
Do you know about blocking and non blocking sockets? Do you know WSAAsyncSelect() and threads? No? Then you should consult in exmaple [ tangentsoft's wskfaq] first!


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