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== History ==
I have been interested in Jabber since 1999 and developing Jabber applications full-time since 2001. I have served as a member of the XSF Council since 2005.

== XEPs ==
I am the primary author of [ XEP-0116], [ XEP-0187], [ XEP-0188], [ XEP-0200], [ XEP-0210], [ XEP-0217] (all Encrypted Sessions), [ XEP-0124], [ XEP-0206] (both XMPP/HTTP), [ XEP-0136] (Message Archiving), [ XEP-0059] (Results Set Management), [ XEP-0155] (Stanza Session Negotiation), [ XEP-0189] (Public Key Publishing), [ XEP-0158] and [ XEP-0159] (both anti-SPIM).

I have previously contributed to the development of many other protocols as a member of the XSF Council and by posting to the Standards-JIG mailing list (and occasionally to other lists).

== Current Software Development Activities ==
* [ Chatterbox] Web-client (I've pioneered [ AJAX] applications since 1998)
* [ BreakThru] HTTP proxy server

== Mentoring ==
During summers 2006 and 2007 I mentored Jan Sembera and Brendon Taylor to support their development of open source Encrypted Sessions code (see [ XEP-0116]).

== Conferences ==
I gave a presentation on using XMPP to develop Rich Internet Applications at FOSDEM 2007.


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