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== About me ==
I'm Grégoire Menuel, a 21 years old french student. I'm in the last year of my school of telecommunication located in Lyon.

== Jabber related projects ==
=== Jabber servers administration ===
I'm currently administrating two Jabber servers :
* A small one for the linux user group of my school (~ 10 concurrent online users)
* The biggest french jabber server : []. This server is maintained by a team of administrator and have around one thousand concurrent online users.

=== Code ===
I've mainly done some small projects in the Jabber world.
* [ Mu-conference] : After having done some patches for mu-conference, I've taken over the development of this composant. I've haven't been hacking much for it lately, but I intend to go back to work soon.
* [ Omnipresence] is a jabber composant allowing to easily display one's presence on the web. It is currently used at []. I intend to translate it in english one day or another.
* [ Neutron], a jabber bot, that I've enhanced for serving the purpose of JabberFR. It can for the moment send notification when a wiki page is changed (see this pages in french for more information : , some of the information may be slightly outdated).

I've also done some other works like implementing socks5 file transfer in (unfortunately my code has never been accepted : I've also done a patch for mediawiki and punbb to integrate Omnipresence in them.

=== JabberFR===
I'm also one of the administrator of JabberFR, the french Jabber community. I give lots of Jabber related advices both on the [ forum] and in the chatroom (

== Why I'm reapplying ==
I want to stay involve in the XMPP community and to continue to promote this protocol.

== Contacts ==
* xmpp:omega AT im DOT apinc DOT org
* mailto:gregoire DOT menuel AT gmail DOT com


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